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Stone Fox for $1

Hey friends!

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Did you get your Scholastic flyers for January yet?  Did you notice the amazing offer for the book, “Stone Fox?”  Scholastic is offering the book for only one dollar!!  I thought, why not!?!  So from now until Feb. 14th my Stone Fox Reading Group Guide will be available from both my site, Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources, and from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for only a buck!  

This “Stone Fox” by John Reynolds Gardiner Reading group activity guide is set up so it can be used as a unit plan for the teacher, or used by students in literature circles. It is broken up into a 13 day plan, and includes chapter questions, vocabulary, projects, and reading comprehension. This would also be a great resource for a homeschooler to follow along with the book.



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Teacher Appreciation Jackpot

Thank you so much if you were able to participate in the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot.  I’m very sorry if you were not able to download the freebie!! Check back soon for the next great promotion and don’t forget my site  is 30% off until May 11th if you use the code, “teacher”.  Thanks again!


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Black Friday Madness Sale

Everything on Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources is 30% off until December 1st!  Use promo code “maniac” at check out! This is one of the bigger deals of the year.  For example the popular Thanksgiving History Power Point is only $2.45 with the discount! To get started check out some of my Christmas/Holiday files!!  Also if you haven’t downloaded the “I am Thankful” project for FREE do it now!


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Halloween Math

All Set for Halloween? Check out my site for some great Halloween printables including three FREE Addition worksheets WITH A KEY! Students will love the fun Halloween clipart. Head on over to Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources for more info! Thanks!


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Facebook Contest

Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources is VERY close to getting 500 fans on Facebook.  As a way to encourage people to share my page and as a way to give something away I have created a contest.  Very simple! All you have to do is either repost my facebook link to your facebook page, send the link in a private message (, or send out an email with the link encouraging teacher friends to check it out. Once you do this you have to let me know!  You can write a comment on facebook, make a comment on this blog with

your email, or send me an email ( stating that you shared the facebook page. As a way of saying “Thanks” I will send you my two newest resources, a “Pirate Themed, Using Commas” Power Point, and a “Heat and Heat Energy” Science Power Point that will be finished soon. (If you don’t teach Science I could be convinced to send you something else!)

When we do reach 500 fans Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources will have a 75% off digital downloads sale! (Feel free to also explain this on facebook or through your email)

The promo code will be “facebook” and if you type this in when you check out you will get 75% off any digital downloads!  What are you waiting for? Get sharing!  Thanks!

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Big Milestone

This week a pretty big thing happened at Power PointManiac’s Teaching Resources.  Something that I NEVER in my dreams thought would happen so soon. Sales of my power points and teaching resources passed ten thousand dollars in a little over a year of selling. (Over $4,000 the first three months of 2011!)  I am so unbelievably blessed!

It all started when I saw a NY Times article about the website,, in November, 2009 about how some educators were beginning to sell their resources online. I remember wondering, “Hmmm, Could I do that?” I decided to give it a try and put a couple of my science power points on the website. It wasn’t really until about March of 2010 that I began to sell a few things and started uploading power points and resources. This past December I decided to start my own website,, as well.  It has been so amazing meeting new people, giving away lots of free resources, and running a business. (Speaking of free, if you are a teacher, I just updated a Math Word problem packet and made it free!)

I think one of the best things about starting this has been how much it has improved my teaching. It is one thing to create a power point for a classroom full of 4th graders, but putting it out there for other educators to critique and use meant I needed to make them professional and interactive.  I subscribed to a clipart site, which the kids love. (I Highly recommend and, but they are not free!) I also now make all my resources interactive with a fun theme like the grammar fairy tales power points.

I am especially thankful for the amazing family that I have.  Becky (my wife) has been especially supportive (and patient!) with all my big ideas and dreams and has helped me so much along the way. (Can’t wait for the smoothie business this summer! ha) Wesley (age 4) will even ask, “Did you sell anything on Teachers Pay Teachers today?” and loves the Power Point Maniac!  I am not sure exactly why the Lord has decided to bless my family and I, sometimes I feel so unworthy! But I know that he is a good God and he so loves to bless his children. I am very excited to see what the next few years bring and I am very thankful for everyone who has spread the word about my business, helped me with ideas and resources, and bought my stuff!

Thanks so much,

Jason Elliott

PowerPoint Maniac

Truly anyone can sell their teaching resources. If you are interested in selling, sign up today!

(I do get a small commission if you use my link)

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