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Facebook Contest

Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources is VERY close to getting 500 fans on Facebook.  As a way to encourage people to share my page and as a way to give something away I have created a contest.  Very simple! All you have to do is either repost my facebook link to your facebook page, send the link in a private message (, or send out an email with the link encouraging teacher friends to check it out. Once you do this you have to let me know!  You can write a comment on facebook, make a comment on this blog with

your email, or send me an email ( stating that you shared the facebook page. As a way of saying “Thanks” I will send you my two newest resources, a “Pirate Themed, Using Commas” Power Point, and a “Heat and Heat Energy” Science Power Point that will be finished soon. (If you don’t teach Science I could be convinced to send you something else!)

When we do reach 500 fans Power Point Maniac’s Teaching Resources will have a 75% off digital downloads sale! (Feel free to also explain this on facebook or through your email)

The promo code will be “facebook” and if you type this in when you check out you will get 75% off any digital downloads!  What are you waiting for? Get sharing!  Thanks!

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