Some new holiday products!

I’ve got several new products geared toward the Christmas Holiday!

The first is a Christmas Puzzles Worksheet pack.
A great Christmas Holiday Puzzles Packet (with Keys!)

The second is a Reading Comprehension Christmas Story packet (With Writing prompts)
Christmas Reading Comprehension stories with writing prompts! (with Keys!)

Or get the Stories individually

Reading Comprehension story – Christmas Ornaments
Reading Comprehension story – Christmas Shopping
Reading Comprehension story – Christmas Stocking

And Finally I have a new Christmas Math fact and Word Problems packet.   This 35 page Christmas and Holiday themed math packet covers such topics as addition and subtraction word problems, basic facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, Multiplication, division, and time word problems, and two digit subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets.
Christmas Holiday Math fact and word problem packet – with Keys!

This is my very highly rated Thanksgiving History Power Point!

You can also download my Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheets!

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