Math Scavenger Hunts

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My students LOVE doing scavenger hunts. If it’s a worksheet – they love it! If it’s something they do outside – they love it! If it incorporates pretty difficult math – they love it! haha  Because of this I started creating Math Scavenger Hunts. This past week my students worked on the order of operations and expressions scavenger hunt. It’s got a fun cowboy theme that they enjoy. I print the scavenger hunts out on card stock and then staple them to a manila folder and use them again and again.  The first time we did the scavenger hunts I hung them around the room. But as we gradually get use to each other and more comfortable, depending on behavior, I put them up in the hallway, and for the last few around the school!  The order of operations scavenger is pretty challenging and takes them about an hour.  I let them work with partners and they always have to show their work.  In fact question number six REALLY threw them for a loop!

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They walk around with clipboards and answer sheets.  All of my scavenger hunts include riddle letters and clues and a fun riddle at the end.  This riddle was, “What kind of bear has no teeth??”  at each stop they have to figure out the riddle letter.  Some of them gave them a letter, like clue #6 above and some incorporated math to figure it out. Here is the answer sheet to show you what I mean.

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This order of operations and expressions scavenger hunt is only $3 in my TeacherPayTeacher store. You want to look one over and try it out first?  The Addition Scavenger hunt activity is FREE!!  Of course if you want to absolute best value, you can get all 11 of my hunts for ONE low price! (Really only $13.99???  I want to make it affordable for combined pictureteachers to use!!) This file includes the Fractions Scavenger Hunt, Place Value, Decimals, AND rounding numbers scavenger hunt, Order of Operations Scavenger Hunt,Customary Measurements, Division Scavenger Hunt, Metric Measurements, Multiplication Scavenger Hunt, Subtraction Scavenger hunt, AND an addition scavenger hunt! GO FIND IT HERE!

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