Jimmy Kimmel is NOT Funny

Jimmy Did This To Us!

Jimmy Did This To Us!

Did I get your attention yet? So maybe Jimmy Kimmel is a little funny but one of the things he asks parents to do is the not funny part.  I’m referring to a viral video from youtube where Kimmel asks parents around the world to tell their kids, “I ate all your Halloween candy!” (or Easter candy… depends on the holiday) and then video tape their response and send it in to him.  Really?? This is comedy? laughing at a 4 year old in a crying fit? What has happened to our culture when we think it is “Hilarious” and laugh hysterically at a little kid upset and crying? (I’m purposefully not linking to it because I don’t want to give it any more publicity.) Strangely it’s ok if PARENTS treat their kids this way… but if a TEACHER ever did it???  They would want to crucify them! As a fifth grade teacher I get to see EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. what a cruel and unfair world some of my students live in.  At the very least they should be able to count on their parents to be truthful with them, to help them along, and to know that they have their best interests always. As a father, I try to use Ephesians 6:4 as my guide: “Fathers, don’t provoke your children to anger.”  At the very least in a world surrounded by bullies, kids should not have to feel bullied by their parents OR by Jimmy Kimmel and he needs to try a little harder in his comedy! Please don’t do this to your/our kids!  Feel Free to share or pin this.  I’ve been using #jimmykimmelisnotfunny on FB!




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