Book Review – The Contract By Derek Jeter

Book Review Wednesday!!

New Derek Jeter Book

New Derek Jeter Book

This is a BRAND NEW feature for PowerPoint Maniac’s blog – Book Review Wednesday. I’m going to try to put out some book reviews occasionally on Wednesday’s for your viewing pleasure! Sometimes it will be new books and other times will be some of my old favorites. Since I teach 5th grade the focus of most of the reviews will be from that age group, but since I am also a father – you never know!!

The first book in this series is the brand new Derek Jeter kids book called, “The Contract”.  As a young boy, Derek Jeter dreams of being the shortstop for the New York Yankees. He even imagines himself in the World Series. So when Derek is chosen for the Little League Tigers, he hopes to play shortstop. But on the day of the assignments, Derek Starts at second base. Still, he tries his best while he wishes and dreams of that shortstop spot. And to help him stay focused on school, his parents make him a contract: keep up the grades or no baseball. Derek makes sure he always plays his best game—on and off the baseball field!

Derek Jeter has played Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees for twenty seasons and is a five-time World Series Champion. He is a true legend in professional sports and a role model for young people both on the field and through his Turn 2 Foundation.

If you have boys at home or in your class, this is the book for them!  My son is currently 8 and he received this book for Christmas. It’s now the end of January and he has read this book SIX TIMES ALREADY!!! My son says it gets FIVE STARS!




I don’t currently have a novel guide for “The Contract” but I DO have over 25 novel group guides in my TPT store!!

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