Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics ELA, Social Studies, and Math UNIT – Only $6.99

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This HUGE five file (110 page) unit covers EVERYTHING Winter Olympics related from greek history to Sochi 2014! Check out the preview file for a sample. The files include a 47 slide interactive Power Point. Some of the things covered are:
Ancient Olympics
The Flag and Olympic Rings
Olympic Torch
Olympic Medals
and much, much more!
The unit also includes a Reading Challenge Race!
What a great opportunity to use the Winter Olympics as a reading incentive! Start them off in Athens and have them read, read, read their way to Marathon just like the ancient Greeks! The packet contains 22 pages of everything you will need including directions, bulletin board art, fun road signs, and a great certificate for when they accomplish their goal!
Also included is a 17 page Winter Olympic themed math and ELA packet that covers such topics as addition and subtraction word problems, basic facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, 2 different Math word problem sheets, and two digit subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets for Math. Spelling and ELA Winter Olympics word puzzles AND one great Olympics story with questions, coloring page, and a writing prompt!!
Finally the last two files are great activities for your students. The first is a 9 page Winter Olympics Glyph and Data Analysis project that’s a great way for students to collect and then analyze data. Included in this packet are all the worksheets, templates, and directions you will need. and the second is a neat Olympic Torch craftivity, where the students make their own olympic torch. Everything is included!
Bring the Winter Olympics right into your classroom!

Students will love the vibrant graphics and pictures and the great custom animations. There is a red, white, and blue theme but it doesn’t really focus on the United States and would be great taught in any country! All for just $6.99

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Winter Olympics Newpaper Article Research Writing Project

This is a great opportunity to get students to research the olympics as well as teach newspaper story structure. Students will choose a winter olympic sport and come up with three facts, three athletes who compete, and why they think it is an interesting sport. Then students write their own exciting newspaper story about the event.

– Only $1.25