Gift Exchange Ideas

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Holiday gift exchange ideas (3) for your classroom  

So often during school Christmas parties kids draw names, exchange $5 gifts, and they are sold the next year for a quarter in the summer rummage sale. This product has three interesting gift giving ideas, a general plan, a parent letter, and a free homework pass that the students may never forget! This is a zipped file with both PDF files and Word document that you may edit! The first idea and plan are for the students to MAKE a gift for their classmate. It includes a parent letter, gift ideas (Jewelry, T-shirt, Candy Wreath, A plate of cookies, etc.) and a general timeline. In the second idea the students will, instead of exchanging gifts, bring in a book, wrap it in school, and then the books will be delivered for the children who have to spend Christmas in the hospital. The last gift exchange idea is a donation to a charity in the US. As an added bonus this product includes a free homework pass template. Give the students something they will never forget and teach them about giving in the process!