Classifying Animals

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Animal Classifications Find my Rule Kagan Strategy Flash cards!

Animal Classifications “Find My Rule” cards are a fun activity to get the kids out of their seats and active. In my classroom, I print out the sheet and cut, paste, and laminate them onto index cards to use every year. This particular activity breaks the students into Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians, and Fish.


Animal Classifications – Vertebrates and Invertebrates Power Point Lesson and¬†Interactive Quiz –

This 29 slide highly interactive powerpoint slide includes the different classifications of animals. Students will love the custom animations and vibrant photographs. The powerpoint covers vertebrates (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians) and invertebrates (sea jellies, worms mollusks, and arthropods) It is designed as a lecture, but has several interactive slides included.

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Animal Classifications Power Point Quiz

This is a quiz that goes along with my Animal Classifications PowerPoint. It is not very useful unless you download the PowerPoint that goes with it shown below. The quiz was created using the forms feature of Microsoft Word so the students could take the quiz on the computer. You can turn that feature off by going to view, then toolbar, then forms and clicking on the lock.


Animal Classifications – Power Point Review Game

This 23 slide interactive powerpoint review game is styled after “Hollywood Squares. It covers vocab words such as vertebrate, inherited, and trait and goes along with my Animal Classifications Powerpoint found above.

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Science Animal Classification Resource Bundle!

This is a zipped file with several great resources covering animal classifications -invertebrates and vertebrates. It includes printable Animal classifications “Find My Rule” cards, (kagan strategy) a 29 slide highly interactive classifications PowerPoint, a quiz (Microsoft word) to go along with the PowerPoint, and a review style PowerPoint game. I have also included the unit plan which has links to free resources and video clips (This is for Scott Foresman 3rd grade Science curriculum but the links and video’s may be useful.)

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Living Things, plants, and animal Classification Jeopardy

This is a free Jeopardy style power point that was an overview of an entire chapter on Living Things.


Here are some links to a few great free resources.

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