Math Scavenger Hunt Super Bundle

Math Scavenger Hunt Activity Bundle – 5 great files!



This great Room Scavenger Hunt bundle is a fun activity to get the kids out of their seats and learning! This file includes the Fractions Scavenger Hunt, Place Value, Decimals, AND rounding numbers scavenger hunt, and the Addition Scavenger Hunt!  The posters could be placed in the room or somewhere around the school! All of these with the exception of the Fractions hunt include TWO versions a beginner and intermediate!! Students rotate through the hunt and search for clues to a secret math riddle. All the students will need is the included answer sheet! These particular activities can be done entire class or individually. They cover national math standards! I plan on adding more great math activities so check back often so you are kept up to date. ($15 sold separately!)

Only $6.99