One of the best things about this site is the free Materials!

I decided to make it easy for you and post the links to my free things right here!

Adjectives Power Point Lesson – Three little Pigs themed!

Predictions Power Point Lesson

Author’s Purpose Power Point Practice -scroll down

Animal Adaptations Power Point Lesson

How to Eat Fried Worms Novel Unit

Christmas Holiday Freebies!

January Freebies

February Valentine’s Day Freebies

Saint Patrick’s Day Addition and Subtraction WS

November Thanksgiving Worksheets

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Power Point

Math Word Problems Test Prep Packet

There are many others as well – just look around!


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  • Wwilsonkim

    I love your site! I am excited to see all of the material that you have created and look forward to purchasing your material to make my own lessons even more engaging.

  • Shellyaw

    I downloaded your pirates powerpoint during Cyber Monday.  I can’t get the

    “Yes, it’s correct” “No…”

    buttons to do anything.

    • Anonymous

      Are you in presentation mode? It won’t work unless you are. At the top click on “slideshow” and then, “View SlideShow”.

      • Shellyaw

        Thanks, I tried it and it worked great.  Thanks for being part of Cyber Monday!

  • Phofer

    Can you please tell me the grade that most of these power points are for.   I don’t want to purchase something that won’t work for me.   I would say that is one neg. of your site.  I would put the grade on each power point.  I love all your resources.

    • jason Elliott

      Most are applicable for grades 3-5!

  • Helenrmw

    We are starting Core Knowledge and Core Standards this year. We love your Animal Classification stuff. We are interested in the “I have, who has” cards but cannot find them on here. Can you help?  Helen

  • MWatson

    I just purchased the MLK Jr. ppt on TpT. I was really disappointed
    that the information did not include the legislation that was passed 
    and his assassination. I have just finished his biography with my
    sixth graders and wanted to show the ppt as a follow-up. Unfortunately,
    it seems to be lacking info. 

    • Jjelliott01

      Feel free to add a few slides with the info you were looking for.

  • Elizabeth Little

    Great Ppt’s So looking forward to putting them into the classroom. I just have a problem. I bought the Ppt on pronouns and received this comment. Unfortunately the ppt wouldn’t download. The secure download manager ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and is unable to process your download request. Please contact the site administrator.
    Please tell the site administrator the problem was due to the following reason:
    The file (on the server) containing your download couldn’t be opened. Is it possible to help me out in receiving this Ppt. Thank you in advance.