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Here is some feedback from customers on Teachers Pay Teachers:

– Great presentation with everything necessary to master animal adaptations. You outdid yourself on this one, Maniac! Truly worthwhile! Thanks.

– I teach in Alaska, and animal adaptation is a 4th grade standard. This .ppt includes animals that we find here, so it fits our standards perfectly! This is a comprehensive, high-quality, highly engaging .ppt.

– I am an environmental educator and love this useful presentation.

– The questions provided an excellent review of the the text. I would recommend this packet as a comprehension builder.

– Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

– Thanks so much for taking the time to cover so much pertinent facts and interesting information about the current Winter Olympics. The links made it even better. I had the students take a closer look into those links to gain wealth of information to hopefully one day strive for the best. Thanks again!


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